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Quality control

DMM supports quality control in various ways.


First to be mentioned is the interaction of a documented quality control system and DMM. At those clients of our's who have an existing quality control system, policies and executive orders often refer to DMM. For example by stating that a certain process must be in place, it shall use a certain input and return a certain output and flow in between must be traceable. Then it is refered to that this certain process is implemented in DMM and there it has traceability along with the results/records that the process returns. During assessment, an assessor reads this document(s) of the quality control system and then gets to see in DMM how the process is managed and verifies that it is according to documentation. DMM usually plays a large role during our clients' quality assessments and we have often received the comment that assessments have gone well and certification has been received not in the least due to DMM's contribution and the traceability and visibility that it grants.


Secondly it is right to mention the interaction of scheduling, project management and monitoring, but that interaction is tightly woven into DMM and returns traceability for everything from scheduling, to execution of work, monitoring and problem identification where appropriate and problem solving as well as recording of those resources (parts, material and manhours) that are used.


Finally it is right to mention that DMM offers both standard reports and countless possibilities of serving any reports that are based on the data that DMM manages