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Asset management

Asset management has enjoyed growing attention for the last few years because it is one of the most important management concepts for companies that base their operations on valuable facilities and systems having rich demands for availability, reliability and lifetime of equipment. In January 2014 the first international standard for asset management, ISO 55000, saw the light of day.

To implement asset management companies need an IT system such as DMM, but DMM is in the category of so called CMMS and EAM software systems.


Since the development of DMM started in 1993 asset management has always been in focus. The development has considered the needs of Icelandic companies from the start, where much effort has been put into simplicity and agility. Companies that use DMM have gotten ISO 9001 certifications for asset management, but DMM plays a key role therin.

The IT system DMM supports asset management in numerous ways, but so called Schedules play an important role therin. Schedules are used to manage monitoring and preventive maintenance that is recurring on a regular interval.